It’s a substantial way to obtain the nutrients necessary for growth, maintenance of health and well-being. Bread is a vital section of the human diet for a large number of years. Unfortunately, in 40 years using the appearance of thermophilic yeast, especially their dry variation, the mystery about the natural sourdough is normally practically forgotten.

It’s no and close to the bread our grandmothers and great-grandmother utilized to bake. Experts say, almost all industrial bread, which produces nowadays, does not have any regards to a healthy diet plan, since practically all of its components, replaced by modern artificial counterparts to be able to decrease the cost of production. But be sure to buy real sourdough and not simply the imitation from it. Sourdough bread is seen as a more healthy alternative, created from whole-grain rye flour, straw, oats, barley or wheat it boosts your consumption of dietary fiber, B-vitamins and minerals.


Alternatively, you might like to restore the ancient tradition and bake artisan sourdough bread yourself. All you need is love and a little bit of time.

To get started you need to have a sourdough starter. Creating a sourdough starter from scratch is really a one-step process, but it requires a tiny dedication and patience. There is actually a very simple way to do it! Also, you can just purchase in your local bakery.

Homemade sourdough starters, also known as wild-caught starters given that they harness the fermenting power of organic yeasts and bacteria within the surroundings of your own home.


How you keep your sourdough starter, on the other hand, would depend on how much baking you are planning to do. If you want to bake your bread daily, you will need to feed your sourdough starter more frequently to make certain that it is active enough to permit the dough to go up daily.

If you want to bake bread simply on the weekends consider keeping your starter in the fridge and take it out at least 24 hours prior baking.


Feeding your sourdough starter doesn’t need much time. If the starter is doubling in proportions between feedings, that’s the sign it has become steady. Take one spoon of the starter and place it in a glass fool of water. If the starter floats on the top of the water that indicates that it is prepared to bake! Your starter will stay active and ready to use.

Once established, a sourdough starter is easy to provide for, can last indefinitely, and could be utilized to make a variety of baked goods.

If taken care of correctly, your starter will reward with your own sourdough loaves for several years to arrive.


A sourdough starter is a living organism of wild yeast. It needs regular care, and some would say it’s pretty high-maintenance. But once you’ve developed the routine, it’s easy to follow and only takes a few minutes of your time per day, or even per weak if you keep your starter in the fridge.

And still, some times we take our starter and think – is it still OK? It doesn’t look healthy. Did I kill it?

Let me assure you – probably not. In fact, there only three ways your starter can go bad:

– First, your container and cooking utensils were not clean enough when you were mixing your starter. In this case, you will see pinkish or grayish mold forming on top of the starter. In this case, yes. It’s gone bad and you should through it away immediately. Sterilize all equipment that you use and start a new sourdough starter from scratch.

-The second way is overheating. If you accidentally have left your starter on some very hot surface with the temperature 138F or higher, the yeast will definitely die and so is the starter.

-And finally, starve it for so long that it can’t come back. Actually, the third way may not be as severe as it looks and your starter might just be in that anaerobic stage where it gives out alcohol as a byproduct. You can see that if there is a liquid substance on top of a thicker layer of starter. In this case, instead of saying goodbye to your neglected starter, try feeding it once a day for a few days and it will return to its regular self.

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