Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets are Essential Tools for Making a Crisp and Delicious Bread. 

Our baskets made from rattan which is environmentally friendly and also healthy when using it for baking your artisan bread.


Additionally, that proofing baskets don't provide any added chemicals or dyes and you can with no doubt use it in your bakery arsenal with confidence.

All of our bread proofing baskets are hand-made of the high-quality rattan cane. Moreover, each banneton goes with the cloth liner for an optional proofing of your bread.

It helps to avoid sticking the dough to the surface of the basket and better absorbs the remaining moisture from the banneton to improve crispiness and crust. 

Keep in mind that, applying a cloth liner can minimize the amount of the traditional for the artisan bread circular flour marks.



  • The first step would be to brush your banneton with a slightly wet brush.
  • After that, generously sprinkle it with flour. Use dough scraper to shape a round loaf that will fill up to 2/3 of the basket and place it into the banneton with the irregular side up. The smooth side of the loaf should be in contact with the wicker basket to achieve a beautiful circular pattern on top of the bread.
  • Then, cover your banneton with plastic film and let it rest according to the recipe of your bread.
  •  After the dough is rested, gently turn the basket over onto the parchment paper.
  • Slash the loaf, put it into a preheated dutch oven and bake according to your recipe.
  • After all done, clean your banneton proofing basket by brushing off all the flour, and put it in a dry place to store.
  • Finally, If using a cloth liner, wash it with warm water and mild soap, and let it dry completely before storing.

    THE MOST ESSENTIAL BAKER'S KIT. Bake wonderful artisan bread with this bread proofing bundle! You'll get a bread basket and washable linen cloth liner. 
    PERFECT FOR ANY RECIPE. Our banneton works well with any recipe involving flour, water and yeast. It holds around 1.5 pounds of dough and capable of proofing overnight in the fridge with the tightly cover bag which is ideal for bread recipes.
    THE BOULE OR CRISPY CRUST. Banneton proofing basket creates a gorgeous design pattern on top of your bread. As the dough rises, the bread proofer takes away all the moisture from the dough surface which creates a skin, which makes a superb traditional crust.
    NATURAL RATTAN CANE MATERIAL. This bread basket handcrafted from natural rattan cane, absolutely free from any dyes. Made with love and care by Vietnamese artisans.
    EASY CLEANING. Banneton basket does not require much cleaning. Just brush off all the flour and put it in a dry place to store. If using a cloth liner, wash it with warm water and mild soap, and let it dry completely before storing.

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